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January 21, 2012 1

Public protest vs. Private ownership

By Dónal Kearney in Freedom of assembly

Occupy LSX has been evicted by a high court order, while Occupy Belfast has just set up camp in a disused bank in the city centre. The future of the Occupy movement in the United Kingdom is now in doubt given the precarious legality of this form of protest. Recent years have seen more and [...]

November 3, 2011 Off

Occupy: The Law

By Dónal Kearney in Freedom of assembly

The Occupy London Stock Exchange (Occupy LSX) camp has attracted attention due to the controversial indecision of the St. Paul’s Cathedral authorities. Now that three leading clergymen have stepped down, the Cathedral seems to be unwilling to contribute to the protest’s demise. The City of London has recently taken the decision to “pause” its own [...]

December 15, 2010 Off

Can human rights assist student protestors?

By Leon Glenister in Freedom of assembly, Freedom of expression, Right to property

A campaign against the government’s proposed increase in university tuition fees has been undertaken by students over the last month. Protests have taken two forms: public protest and occupations. Here we analyse human rights law in relation to each form of protest. The relevant Convention right is article 11 which protects everyone’s right to peaceful [...]