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March 20, 2011 Off

Brian Haw’s eviction from Parliament Square Gardens: a legal and democratic analysis

By Leon Glenister in Freedom of expression, Right to property

Last week, the Mayor of London won a case in the High Court authorising the eviction from Parliament Square Gardens of long term protestor Brian Haw. Haw began his protest in 2001 in opposition to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He quickly became an irritant for the government due to his permanent camp in [...]

January 11, 2011 1

Is squatting justifiable?

By Leon Glenister in Right to property

The Mirror have called him “Cheeky”, while the Daily Express have deemed him “parasitic”. Jason Ruddick, a squatter who has moved into a £10 million Highgate house, has also caused the Daily Star switchboard to be “jammed by angry readers”. The ‘squatter story’ is one that repeats itself every few months, accompanied by the same [...]

December 15, 2010 Off

Can human rights assist student protestors?

By Leon Glenister in Freedom of assembly, Freedom of expression, Right to property

A campaign against the government’s proposed increase in university tuition fees has been undertaken by students over the last month. Protests have taken two forms: public protest and occupations. Here we analyse human rights law in relation to each form of protest. The relevant Convention right is article 11 which protects everyone’s right to peaceful [...]

November 12, 2010 Off

Balancing freedom of expression and the right to property

By Leon Glenister in Freedom of expression, Right to property

In order to exercise one’s free speech rights, property is crucial: from requiring land to produce leaflets to accessing an audience. Therefore, if property rights are enforced too strongly, it threatens the universality of freedom of expression. This problem has become more acute with increasing privatised land and public services. Town centres are being replaced [...]

February 1, 2010 Off

H&M’s destruction of clothes: a rights analysis

By Leon Glenister in Right to property

In recent weeks, H&M has been accused of destroying unused clothes, before throwing them away metres from where the homeless sleep: The public reaction to this story has been almost invariably against the clothes megastore. Twitter has been brimming with criticism, and callers to various radio shows have emphasised how unethical H&M’s actions are. [...]