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March 25, 2011 1

Walumba Lumba: a case of too many cooks…?

By Yaaser Vanderman in Right to liberty

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court delivered judgment in Walumba Lumba v Secretary of State for Home Dept with a colossal eight separate judgments. Thomas de la Mare, of Blackstone Chambers, asked on Twitter whether Lumba constitutes a ‘v. important decision or statement of the bleedin obvious?’ Perhaps both. Regardless of the answer to this, however, [...]

January 14, 2011 1

Control orders: “the best of many bad options”

By Leon Glenister in Human Rights Act, Right to liberty

Yaaser Vanderman for law think claims the control order regime “wreaks havoc on the lives of the innocent”. Henry Porter and Afua Hirsch have called it a “disastrous neglect of the rule of law”. It is of course true the control order regime poses huge problems for individual rights. But to argue that the regime [...]

January 7, 2011 Off

Exploring the possibilities of control order reform

By Leon Glenister in Right to liberty

Nick Clegg today announced that although the control order system created in 2005 by the Prevention of Terrorism Act will stay, there will be changes to it. The exact changes were not specified, perhaps a sign the coalition government is not yet in agreement. Here we highlight the main human rights issues which the government [...]