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October 28, 2011 2

European Court vs the UK: the consequences of ignoring judgments

By Leon Glenister in Human Rights Act, Right to vote

It is no secret that there has been a frosty relationship of late between the European Court of Human Rights (‘ECtHR’) and the British government. Dominic Grieve this week announced his intention to go to the ECtHR to fight their decision on prisoner voting. The question arising is: what happens where the European Court disagrees [...]

February 18, 2011 3

Prisoners’ Compensation – the real story

By Yaaser Vanderman in Right to vote

In the case of Tovey, the High Court today decided that the claimants, just a couple of the ‘rapidly expanding cohort of prisoners’ to seek compensation for being deprived of the vote in 2010, should not in fact receive any damages. Perhaps it is wise, before some of the anti-human rights brigade try and exploit [...]

February 16, 2011 5

Celebrated Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

By Yaaser Vanderman in Freedom of expression, Human Rights Act, Right to vote

Last week we witnessed Politicians, plebeians and the press form an unlikely union in roundly condemning the European Court of Human Rights, and in no uncertain terms. It was the prospect of ‘surrendering’ the vote to prisoners that had everyone so flummoxed. This led to the remarkable statement of Jack Straw in the House of [...]